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Wizmed Features At A Glance

We've created a simple platform with novel logic to simplify pharma research that is trusted by over 1,200 users per month.

One Search

Pharma data is disparate and poorly organized. Our One Search system pulls data from over 12 databases and 200,000 records to quickly and elegently return the information

To use One Search simply enter a drug, company or combination of the two and our system quickly returns information fror trusted sources without breaking a sweat.

wizmed one search example
wizmed linked databases

Trusted Sources

Wizmed sources data from over 12 databases and 200,000 records to put them at the tip of your finger and work together in harmony.

How were we able to tame, aggregate and combine all your trusted sources? Wizmed has developed proprietary logic to update and link these disparate datasets.

Elegant Results

Our simple and presentation ready charts provide quick visualizations to comprehend your pharma research.

A quick one search aggregates the results into market, supply, exclusivity, partnership, pricing and promotional analysis.

wizmed data output example
Wizmed Export Data

Exportable Details

Getting into the details with the exportable data is encouraged for our friends in marketing and business development.

With the ability to drill down into the details and export the data our platform meets the needs of speed, executive outputs and data drilling.

Simple Navigation

In addition to One Search, easily evaluate data accross segments by using drill down menus.

Navigation is setup along drug research or site research to look at data and tutorials for any questions.


Wizmed Report Examples

Excited to get started? Below are just a few examples of the Wizmed system and data that can be extracted.

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