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What is a Boxed Warning? A boxed warning alerts health care providers and consumers to increased risk of serious adverse reactions associated with use of a drug or to restrictions on use of a drug. The boxed warning is one of the FDA's most stringent warnings for drugs and medical devices on the market. Black box warnings, or boxed warnings, alert the public and health care providers to serious side effects, such as injury or death.

WIZMED sources is data from the FDA, Dailymed, Medicaid data and other data sources and uses calculations to attempt to align datasets. The data feeds may run night, weekly and/or quarterly depending on data source. WIZMED nor any of its agencies, contractors, subcontractors or employees does not make any warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to data contained in these databases or files, and, furthermore, assume no liability for any party's use, or the results of such use, of any part of the database or files.

Boxed Warning Drug List This is based on an OpenFDA drug label pull, not to be used by medical professionals