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Wizmed One Search

Why should I use One Search?

One Search consolidated over 12 databases into just one search. We all know, information on FDA approved drugs is extremely disparate. Upon FDA drug approval, details on FDA labels are sent to multiple agencies who publish different information. Not to mention, all the competitive intelligence drug information you are seeking is redacted and located in different databases. One Search is on a mission to bring all that data to your fingertips in just one search.

How is this different than the orange book?

If you currently use the Orange Book to research approvals this is only sharing part of the pharmaceutical market picture. In addition to the other databases in our syste, did you know there could be 20 people selling a drug when the orange book only shows 5 approvals? That is becuase the orange book only shows the (A)NDA holder and not who all is marketing based on that filing. By using One Search and looking at labelers instead of approvals you will have a better picture of who all is market the drugs and which orange book filings they are reference.

Wizmed has taken pharmaceutical research to the next level.

Wizmed is able to read FDA drug labels from sources like the FDA orange book and openFDA and extract key information not in databased such as private labels and FDA drug shortages. At the same time, the team has developed golden keys to match up pharma NDCs with FDA communication letters regarding that drug.

Did you know that sometimes its possible to search FDA letters for items like drug expiry, shelf life and the API suppliers?

Wizmed does and links up the FDA letters by drug NDC and you can access it in the details of a drug page. If that was not enough for your to use Wizmed. We even use fuzzy lookups to make estimations on which FDA registered locations are making active pharmaceutical ingredients to drive some insight into where your pharmaceuticals are made.