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Data last pulled on 2020-11-28
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What are FDA Drug Shortages?
FDA drug shortages is a reference to a list the FDA keeps on select drugs that have been, projected to be or are currently in short supply. The list is managed by the FDA and they work with pharmaceutical companies to keep the drug shortage status up to date.

What are the different metrics on the FDA drug shortage list?
The FDA drug shortage list publishes key information such as shortage status, drug availabilty and the reason for the drug shortage.

How long to FDA drug shortages last?
It depends, to see the date the drug shortage first posted just look at the initial FDA post date to see when the FDA first started tracking this drug shortage.

Does the FDA update all drug shortages every day?
The drug shortage list is continously updated but not each drug is updated every day. To see when each drug on the drug shortage list was updated you need to look at the Last FDA Update column.

How should I use the FDA drug shortage list?
The dataset is a great location to look at what is on drug shortage and why. Sometimes you can develop insight into what drugs may go on drug shortage by watching the FDA 483 letters and the FDA warning letters. For example, let's say you wanted to what drug warning letters were recently issued. You can see the recent FDA warning letters here.

Data Sources 200,000 records

Dailymed - Continuously Updates
OpenFDA - Continuous Updates
Federal Supply Schedule Pricing - Daily
Drugs@FDA - Weekly
Orange Book - Weekly
483s - Weekly
Warning Letters - Weekly
Drug Patents - Weekly
FDA Inspections - Weekly
DMF files - Quarterly
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